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Close to the River Ouse near Sharpsbridge, a polished axe, polished axe fragments, a chisel and other examples of Neolithic flintwork have been found.

The fact that these implements were found close to the River Ouse suggests that some land clearance may have taken place in the river valley during the Neolithic period.

Norman influence was already strong in Sussex before the Conquest: the abbey of Fécamp had interest in the harbours of Hastings, Rye, Winchelsea and Steyning; while the estate of Bosham was held by a Norman chaplain to Edward the Confessor.

Evidence of this is seen in Domesday Book by the survey of Worth and Lodsworth under Surrey, and also by the fact that as late as 1834 the present parishes of North and South Ambersham in Sussex were part of Hampshire.

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Twenty-one students from Cranleigh Abu Dhabi arrived on Thursday January 18 and enjoyed a four-day music exchange with us, following the very successful music tour to Abu Dhabi in the Easter holidays 2016.

Although some pre-historians now doubt the existence of the Beaker people as migrants and suggest that it was possible that the Beaker culture may have just been a new development of the local neolithic people. There were reports that the bones of some of the English dead were still being found on the hillside some years later.

It was believed that it would not be possible to recover any remaining bones from the battle field area, in modern times, as they would have disappeared due to the acidic soil.

At the time (8000 BC), Britain was still connected to the continent, however the ice sheets over northern Europe were melting rapidly and causing the gradual rising of sea levels, which eventually led to the forming of the Straits of Dover, effectively cutting off the Mesolithic people of Sussex from the continent.and all three towns became part of the Cinque Ports, a loose federation for supplying ships for the country's security.Also at this time, Amberley and Bodiam castles were built to defend the upper reaches of navigable rivers.Musicians from Cranleigh Prep enjoyed a fantastic collaborative festival of music making with pupils from Cranleigh School and Cranleigh Abu Dhabi.You are using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer which the Adur & Worthing Councils' website does not support.

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