Well hello dating site

The site essentially covers it’s own ass by stating that these tactics are to make the site more entertaining.

While that may be entirely true, it doesn’t get you laid any quicker.

When you see that it’s a scam and you want to cancel just e-mail support at the following address: [email protected]

The company does claim to have a hook-up guarantee, but you have to pay for at least 3 months of membership.

The good news is that you have people such as myself that share all the insight they have on Internet hookup sites.

Read my full review below as I share the many reasons why you should avoid joining Well Hello.

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They have no intention of finding you someone to have sex with.After a full month of nothing but bullshit, I wasn’t willing to risk paying for two more months of nothing.After all, that money that I saved could be used to join a better dating site that works.As long as you click that little box saying that you read and accept these conditions, you have no reason to complain or ask for your money back because you acknowledged that these fake profiles existed the minute you joined. It really depends on the message that’s being sent.Site Messaging Much like other bad dating sites that claim to be free, Well is only free to a point. Take a moment to carefully read each of the messages that you receive. Phone Calls You will spend a lot of time and a lot of money on Well I wasn’t able to successfully set up any phone calls with any members at all.

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