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Many 3D movies were released on VHD officially in Japan, but got transferred to DVD unofficially by people at sometime or another.It would be quite nice if someone could share one of these transfers.

In any case, feel free to request whatever 3D movie needs preservation and lacks an official DVD release.

While Jaws 3D is indeed available on Sensio 3D, the anaglyph version isn't out on DVD, AFAIK.

Wouldn't the Anaglyph still be worth anything to those without the rather expensive Sensio Systems?

If the original tapes with each eyes separated still exists, then yes.

Otherwise, the color has been affected by the process and because of this the eyes will remain different even if you color correct it. You could however find a version that was not red/blue and 3D-ize it just like they do today with 2D films.

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