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She was kayaking through Brazil when she was killed and her body was left in the river, according to a statement from the Amazonas state homicide division.An American diplomat was shot in the foot during an attempted robbery while traveling outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police said Friday. Consulate in Rio confirmed in a statement that a consulate official had sustained injuries that were not life-threatening 'in an incident involving gunfire'. The diplomat and her partner had pulled over on the side of coastal highway BR-101, when they were approached by unidentified individuals, O Globo reported.Pictured Wednesday Their crew and passengers were held hostage for several hours and stripped of their personal belongings before the pirates fled, officials said.Police found the van the family had been using in their journey abandoned in the jungle.'We just know that sometime between pirates overtaking the boat and leaving the boat, (the Harteaus) went missing.We think they jumped.'When Guillory heard his good friends were safe he said he began 'super excited ugly-crying.''We just can't wait to have them home,' he said.

A few days later, although the timeline is unclear, the family was found by Ribeirinhos- rural river dwellers- who found the family of four floating on a surfboard in a ravine close to the Jacaré Grande River, not far from where police had boarded the ferry.

A California couple and their two daughters who had been missing since Sunday when pirates attacked their boat in the Amazon River delta area have been rescued and new details are emerging about how they survived.

Adam and Emily Harteau and their three and seven-year-old daughters were in good condition when they were found by a fisherman in the jungle a few days following the cargo ferry they were on being overtaken by pirates with guns.

Germans, White Latin Americans White Brazilians in general, and others of European origin, such as Austrian, Swiss, Polish, Luxembourgish, French, Spanish, Belgian, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, English, Scandinavian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Italian, Czech, Russian descent (Volga Germans) A few Brazilian municipalities have Brazilian Hunsrückisch and Germanic East Pomeranian as co-official with Portuguese.

They are located in Southern Brazil and Espírito Santo.

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