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The construction project which began in 2006, will provide electricity and irrigation essential to the development of the Kurdish majority south east of the country.Although authorities have promised that historic edifices and landmarks - such as the Old Tigris Bridge which dates back to the 12 century - will be preserved and moved, the city’s residents are sceptical about whether they will be properly preserved.Excavations in the area have uncovered a settlement dating back to 9500 BC.But the new dam and hydroelectric power station project is set to completely submerge it in water.18 For Adults Only Or Leave the website Don’t miss a chance to enjoy your time with great Arabian Dubai escort women who know how to show themselves in the best and most seductive light possible.You will always be amazed from what a great Dubai escorts can offer to anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant time with them.

You will be the cat that will have a final word and they will listen to your desires and preferences.Some locals have been sceptical about plans to flood the region.“There is no going back,” Arif Ayhan, a member of the Association for Trade and Tourism in Hasankeyf, told the Agence France Presse news agency.An ancient Turkish city which has survived for more than 12,000 years old, is set to vanish forever under waters produced by the new Ilisu Dam project.Hasnkeyf in the country's Batman province, has provided a home to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires during its lifespan.

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