Teenagers dating too early

You could share some examples of times that you have failed, or have needed to keep trying at something.

Model confidence in your own ability You can be a role model when it comes to confidence.

For example, you could talk to your child about what you’re going to do to try to succeed at a task.

If it doesn’t work out, you can model resilience by talking about what you’re going to try next time.

During adolescence, physical changes can also affect teenagers’ confidence.

If teenagers feel self-conscious about their bodies, it can affect their confidence overall and how they feel about themselves.

Here’s how to build confidence in your child by focusing on effort rather than outcomes.

You could also suggest some ideas about what he could do differently next time.

Your teenager still needs a strong relationship with you to feel confident as she meets the challenges of adolescence.

He’ll also learn that most people do well at some things and not so well at others – and that’s fine.

After all, we can’t all be Olympic athletes, computer geniuses or rock gods!

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