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Their entry into space using Cube SATs as a gateway has much larger implications for the future operational environment.

By facilitating traditionally non-spacefaring nations to develop space programs, Cube SATs will give such nations a greater voice in international space policies and laws.

Mr Nader said Pegasus could neither receive nor send signals, but that he held out hopes it could be fixed.

Pegasus, a small cube measuring 10cm by 10cm (4in by 4in) and weighing just 1.2kg (2.6lb), was launched from the Chinese spaceport of Jiuquan on 25 April 2013.

Less than a month after its launch, it collided with a particle cloud from an old Tsyklon-3 rocket, which had been in space since 1985.[11] Unattributed author(s), “EXA puso en órbita a Krysaor, el Segundo satélite ecuatoriano,” , 21 November 2013, [12] Unattributed author(s), “Ecuador already has its second satellite in space, NEE-02 Krysaor,” , 21 November 2013, [13] Unattributed author(s), “Nader: EXA recupera contacto con Pegaso usando a Krysaor,” , no date provided, on 02 March 2016 [17] Unattributed author(s), “La PUCP lanza al espacio primeros satélites hechos integramente en el Perú,” , 21 November 2013, Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) in Fort Leavenworth, KS. accessed 01 March 2016; and Unattributed author(s), “Satélites: PUCP-Sat-1: Especificaciones del Satélite,” Instituto de Radiostronomía INRAS-PUCP, no date provided, [18] Unattributed author(s), “La NASA lanzó satélite peruano UAP SAT-1 de US$ 1.6 millones,” , 9 January 2014, [19] Unattributed author(s), “NASA envoi al espacio satélite peruano UAP-SAT1,” La Prensa, 09 January 2014, FMSO’s work specializes in foreign perspectives of the under-considered and under-studied issues affecting the operational environment. Hasta que eso comience a suceder, asegura, en EXA “seguiremos trabajando para que las futuras generaciones puedan soñar con ser astronautas”.The Ecuadorean Space Agency (EXA) says it will announce later on Monday if it can re-establish contact with its first and only satellite, Pegasus.

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