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The Ghost Ship building is also littered with statues of Shiva, Kali and other Hindu gods, like the one pictured center above'We had meetings, he would have his own long dialogue or he would send out three or four pages of texts, stuff that was so bizarre you couldn't understand half of what he was saying, it was like somebody being on drugs and talking to you.'A friend of Lewis', who asked not to be named, told Daily 'Philippe doesn't want to have to deal with Almena any more than he has to, they are a violent group. I called the police but nothing was done.'I knew Derick very well. There was always this dark vicious side underneath. Second row from top: Feral Pines, Micah Danemayer, David Cline, Chase Wittenauer aka Nex Iguolo, Pete Wadsworth, Jonathan Bernbaum.

He's trying to protect his family right now.''There was an argument over money and Almena tried to beat my friend up and I videoed it on my phone. Third row from top: Ara Jo, Cash Askew, Sara Hoda, Draven Mcgill, Michela Gregory, Johnny Igaz.

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He does, in fact, regularly grab his dates’ buttocks without permission, and like a blue-balled high schooler tells one lady, “Don’t be such a prude.”It’s truly masterful that he hasn’t been banned from dating sites or, you know, arrested. I will rock your world.” He later speaks about his penis completely unprompted: “It’s not that long. It’ll get in there.” Then, during the post-date interview, he makes the image way worse (and contradicts himself): “I’ve got a salami that’s smooth, long, and tasty in my pants.” What possesses him to think that women will find his penis analogies appealing is unclear, but his constant reminder that he used to be overweight make suggests a host of insecurities driving his wildly inappropriate dirty talk.

Then there’s Marcus, a 36-year-old divorcé in Los Angeles looking for his next wife online because he’s starting to wonder “did love forget about me?

In a document seen by Daily in which Mack logged her grievances as a tenant at the time, she records a complaint about a fellow tenant called Lisa – a woman she says was close to Almena – saying she carried out 'blood rituals' in the warehouse.

Investigators said they have told the fire and sheriff's departments to treat the area as 'a potential crime scene'.

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