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I had the unfortunate mishap of complaining to their customer service and their Odesk Marketplace of my recent buyer (also known as my employer) and some of my co-workers making fun of my ethnicity and my being a disabled person other than having a hairlip.If I could draw your attention to their ODESK Marketplace regulations, it bespeaks of two things: GUARANTEED PROTECTION from work and harassment of any form.ODESK TOLD ME THAT MY SUSPENSION WAS PERMANENT AND I CANNOT ANYMORE COMPLAIN AND THEY WOULD NOT RESPOND TO MY EMAILS ANYMORE.They claim to have warned me but there was absolutely none and now my account has been permanently suspended and according to their email, it is their prerogative not to reply inspite of the fact that I have a pending complaint lodged against my buyer. IF YOU ARE A DISABLED PERSON, NOT AN INDIAN, NOT A FILIPINO, THEN PLEASE DO NOT APPLY AT ODESK.

He wanted payment by Pay Pal and I paid him and he wanted more later but provided no proof of work. Odesk won't do a thing and won't even take him off the provider's list." ------------- this happened a few times long time ago before this new incident!!! Odesk also suspended my access to forums, so that they can cover this issue!I have been a trustworthy provider who has some reputation among odesk community but odesk suspended my profile, account, job applications, job offers and contracts in order to force me to provide privacy including date birth, photo, address proof etc. Because I submitted many tickets to customer support, odesk even blocked me from their customer support! Long time ago before this incident, my profile was secretly hidden by odesk from search, and I did not know this until someday a buyer told me he could not find me! I have heard a lot of cases that buyers were scammed by providers at odesk, but odesk did nothing to help.So basically, they lost less than commission from that bonus not passing through their system and decided to suspend Colnect's account although thousands of $USD were passed on o Desk and got we got only excellent feedback from contractors.After their support failed to answer my issues properly, I contacted o Desk's CEO Gary Swart with the story.

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