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” If yourself answers yes then you should go watch it if not then don’t pretty simple.If you didn’t watch the first season then do so now (it’s only 40 minutes) then ask yourself the above question.Heck Mayu has a stalker that no one ever seems to acknowledge and is known as girl with glasses.Speaking of jokes this brings me to my main problem with the show: the humor. Did it get a few chuckles out of me, yes but they were few and far between. I can’t decide if the thing about Hana being from a broken home is meant to be funny or not.: Tomoko Kuroki naturally assumed shed be popular when she got to high schoolbut then cold, hard reality swooped in for the attack! Watamote Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! While it begins as a cringe humor gagfest, about halfway through it starts becoming an incredible slice of life coming of age human relationships deal that is OOZING with subtlety.Turns out all the popularity points shed racked up in her video game dating sims are worth squat in real life, and Tomokos far from prepared to navigate high school! It's really so fantastic, with writing that blows my mind.Again it’s not that big a deal because they’re all set up’s for a joke.Also everyone loves Mayu and there seems to be this whole undercurrent of Yuri that’s not played with nearly enough.

The manga has some pretty funny moments but has a depressing undertone. On a scale of 1-5 of hilariousness: it'd be a 3.5.

All of the situations are funny and awkward and it's great to see an honest portrayal of a socially awkward character that just doesn't end up pitying the character. Honestly, I'm not too far in this, so I'm not sure if this has any long-term appeal.

If everything remains status quo, this'll probably get old fairly quickly; I'd like to see the mangaka either introduce some overarching plot, something that forces the protagonist to develop, or some form of social commentary.

Not much else to say, it’s all around solid art and sound.

Wrap up: This series isn’t going to set the world of comedy ablaze but I don’t think it was trying to.

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