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The confusion and incoherent arguments which resulted finally led each family to go its own way and eventually to establish its own national and linguistic identity.Since physiologic changes were necessarily involved in this sudden confusion of tongues, it may well have been that still other physiologic changes were also induced by God at the same time, in order to hasten the establishment of each group as a distinct national entity.Communication is of paramount importance for understanding and harmony, and language is certainly the most basic element in communication.The origin of human language, and especially of the tremendous diversity of human languages, is as yet quite inexplicable to the evolutionist.Evolutionary scientists may not all be “racist” in their personal or political philosophies.Nevertheless, the various philosophies that have promoted racism have, quite understandably, used the supposed universal evolutionary process as their intellectual framework for such a position. The testimony of the Bible, however, is that all men who have ever lived in the world are descendants of Adam and, therefore, are of essentially the same race—the human race.God’s judgment on this great rebellion was to “scatter them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth,” through “confounding their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech” (Genesis 11:7, 8).This must have been some kind of physiologic miracle, an instant change in those centers of the brain controlling speech, so that each family suddenly found itself identifying various objects and actions with different words and tones than other families used.

There is no mention of different races, as such, in the Bible, nor even of the very concept of a “race.” Evidently, there is no Biblical or theological meaning to the term, and we must conclude, therefore, that races are purely arbitrary entities invented by man for his own convenience in biological and anthropological studies.Setting up artificial barriers between Christians on the basis of skin color or other racial differences is a form of hatred.We can’t hate brothers and sisters in Christ and love God at the same time ( 1 John -21 ).Whether or not this is the case, it is certainly true that the development of specific national, or even what we call “racial” traits, could not take place as long as men lived together and inter-married freely.A certain amount of isolation and national inbreeding is genetically essential for the establishment of particular characteristics in a nation or race.

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