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The spread of HIV/AIDS, which was estimated to have infected about 14 percent of the population between the ages of 14 and 49, as well as drought and famine in some rural areas during the year, exacerbated economic problems.

The Government's human rights record was poor, and although there were improvements in some areas, serious problems remained.

We left Balanguru soon after five, just as first light was breaking.

It had been raining most of the night making me worry about going up to my house at all; it's a steep path that leads up there that becomes pretty treacherous when wet.

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It's positioned about 50m above Akbar Nawaz's place and commands even better views.The CID investigates criminal activity and the NSIS collects intelligence and monitors persons whom the State considers subversive.In 1999 in an effort to improve the accountability of investigative services, Parliament passed and implemented laws that removed arrest authority from the NSIS and separated the organization from the CID.I walked up onto the roof with Yassir and Akbar Nawaz - who had now returned from working in a field - and sat and enjoyed one of my favourite views on earth.Up to the right is a ridge they call White Mountain - I think there is marble in the rock - where wild goats, or markhor, can often be seen.

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