Freaky bisexual chats

I was afraid that they would stop talking to me or keep me from spending time with my little siblings, nieces and nephew. My mom and older sister were definitely surprised when I first told them I was bisexual, but they didn’t yell or question what I was saying.

My mom was more concerned that I hadn’t felt like I could tell her sooner.

We enjoy hanging out, and do just about what ever comes up..

It’s 2014, and queers are coming out in droves, increasing visibility and demanding basic human rights.

To celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week, we turned to our readers for their anecdotes and advice about coming out as bisexual.

Add your own ideas, stories and questions in the comments!

If you are a bi female then that's a Springfield Massachusetts ZBi Marco 36 Man Seeking Women I love the beach! I figured I was going to need "something extra" if I'm ever going to meet someone to hang out with.

I didn’t really let myself explore dating women until a few years ago, and so I’m going through all these milestones as a mostly independent adult, which has had its advantages.One time the guy even asked me to have a threesome with the girl he was cheating on me with!I mean, obviously that guy was an asshole, so maybe that was to be expected.I believe coming out is a personal decision, and I think that all lgbtqia people coming out deserve to be met with warmth and joy.I never really came out as bisexual until after college.

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