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I called and they were very understanding and took my credit card off their account and refunded the last 90 days of charges. I called the number someone suggested 1-408-996-1010 they led me through how to block this.Go into settings, click on Apple ID, then go to my acct payment info.

I AM NOT SURE HOW THIS CONTINUES WITH ALL OF THESE COMPLAINTS?? It is quite obvious your company has a major problem concerning fraudulent charges pertaining to numerous persons. We can't even speak to a "LIVE" person concerning our issues. ANYONE OUT THERE WANTING TO START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!Apple i Tunes seems to have a major issue with charging people wrongfully.... I am contacting you because I have noticed charges on my Debit Card that I have not made, authorized or approved. I have reported this as Fraud and made police reports., I do not want to be held liable for these charges That are unauthorized I received a call from my bank with concern of a fraudulant charge from Itunes. Call the 1-408-996-1010 number and the unwanted charges will be refunded.a large amount of money (100' S) of dollars have come up unaccounted for because of i Tunes. this is unjust I would like to have someone call me ASAP because this is 2nd month in a row that we have had high charges on our bill If someone does not contact me I am reporting this as FRAUD. I have NUMEROUS OF THESE CHARGES APL 8667127753 CA Date 10/7/16 0 6281010849 0 5735 for .40 (THE CHARGES ARE GETTING LARGER). why am i not seeing my complaint these charges need to b canceled weither in my name or someone elses this is fraud i had lost my card for a few days so maybe someone else used it but this my acct its being taken out of not a ashley or jimmy or jeff or some one else stop now and i need a ans from imed about this matter or i will report it as a fraud! I've never made any of the charges and canceled that card. The customer service rep was most helpful and even blocked my credit card number from accepting any further apple I-tune charges.My debit card was charged 20.00 on 11/02/2014 APL*ITUNES.COM I have never used your service or even own an Apple.

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