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Billett Merket / Personals (working title) portrays some of the individuals behind these ephemeral dating sites, and is currently a work in progress project.The series will be published by Forlaget Press in Oslo in 2018 and the book will feature monologues and portraits of a selection of online daters from different age segments, regions and social backgrounds."There will be an immediate impact today in terms of passengers not being able to travel," said independent air transport consultant John Strickland, of JLS Consulting in England. "If you think about the way an aircraft engine works, it sucks in air, it compresses it, forces it out on the other side. December 1989: KLM flight 867 to Anchorage, Alaska, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, flew into a volcanic ash cloud caused by eruption of Mount Redoubt in Alaska, resulting in failure of its engines as it tried to climb out of the cloud."The key thing is we don't know how long it's going to last ... Pilots were able to restart engines, two at a time, before landing the badly damaged airliner.Airspace over much of the United Kingdom was closed to all flights except emergencies at least until 7 p.m. ET) on Friday, Britain's air traffic authority, NATS, said."In general, the situation cannot be said to be improving with any certainty," the NATS Web site said. Send your images, videos France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands also announced the complete or partial closure of their airspace, authorities in each country said.I imagine you are looking at 24 to 48 hours to clear U. The eruption -- the latest in a series that began on March 20 -- blew a hole in the mass of ice and created a cloud of smoke and ash that went high into the air. CET Thursday Ireland From noon BST Thursday Finland"Heavily restricted" Thursday Netherlands From 7 p.m. The same people had fled the area the night before and allowed to return to the area early Thursday. Air Force F-15s and other fighter jets and tankers are not flying, and flights to Iraq and Afghanistan flying through that airspace are being diverted to other routes.

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific also canceled or delayed flights from Hong Kong to London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

It's hard to predict how long it will be before air travel can resume, said Matthew Watson, a geophysicist, at England's Bristol University.

"You really need two things to happen: you need the volcano to stop emplacing ash to the altitude that commercial aircraft fly at, 30-35,000 feet, and you then need the upper level winds to blow the ash and disperse it out of the airspace," he told CNN.

London, England (CNN) -- Volcanic ash from Iceland snarled air traffic across Europe for a second straight day Friday, causing the cancellation of thousands of flights, according to the intergovernmental body that manages European air travel.

The plumes have closed some of Europe's busiest airports, including Charles de Gaulle in Paris, London's Heathrow and Schiphol in Amsterdam.

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