Create a ballpark online dating

That's large enough for the largest historical ballparks without wasting a lot of space for today's smaller parks (which use about 75% of the space).

Home plate is centered horizontally and placed 80 pixels from the bottom of the image, thereby allowing us to have up to 80 feet of foul territory behind home plate and to leave room for parks as large as 520 feet to straightaway center field.

Figure 1-Yankee Stadium (1937) To make this work, we have adopted standards for all of the park images we have produced, and we encourage you to use a similar approach if you create or edit your own park images.

Each image is 600 x 600 pixels with a scale of 1 pixel per foot.

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- so you can see the difference between the large and small parks.

Third base is 240 pixels from the left edge and 141 pixels from the bottom.

First base is 240 pixels from the right edge and 141 pixels from the bottom.

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