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It did however influence the French cinema, especially Jean-Pierre Melville's work.The French gangster Abel Davos is on the run from the police.Marele gangster Abel Davos se ascunde de politie chiar in inima Parisului.Insotit de cei doi copii ai sai pe care incearca sa-i protejeze, acesta este abandonat de toti prietenii, gasind sprijin in tanarul Eric Stark, un gangster marunt, pentru care acesta isi manifesta toata recunostinta.

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It tells the story of Abel Davos (Ventura), a French mobster who tries to make his way from Italy through Marseille to Paris, hunted by the police, and Eric Stark (Belmondo), who turns out to be the only person willing to help Davos.

On the way, Éric saves a young woman Liliane, who is being attacked by a man, and she agrees to pose as a nurse for Abel, who is bandaged to conceal him.

Back in Paris, his friends tell Abel there is little more they can do for him.

He has been trialed in absentia and sentenced to death.

He flees to Italy together with his wife Thérèse and their two children.

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