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As more and more of the Kelly story unfolds, far from being seen as an outlaw, Ned Kelly will become an Australian icon.~ ~ This website is dedicated to report on stories and research to do with Kelly and the gang.did you know that the reward monies offered came from the pockets of well to dofarmers who had formed a fund they called - 'The Stock Preservation Society Fund'.did you know Edward Kelly and his brother Dan were only wanted for an alleged offence, yet a massive man hunt with rewards were mounted for their arrest. It wasn't the police that were bad, but the system was bad.The photo of railway sleeper cutters is being promoted by Kelly family members as Ned Kelly just after he came out of gaol in 1874.

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At recent police remembrance services, Kelly has again been branded a psychopath but who, asks STEVE HODDER, were the real villains in the tale of Australian historys most famous outlaw? Shortly before her death she was interviewed by a representative of Smiths Weekly.In March 2014, Bill and Leo Kennedy identify a most likely spot where his G Grandfather Sergeant Kennedy was murdered .Admin Dee says, I am sure that most "Pro Kelly" people are NOT afraid of debate and challenge and critical review of Kelly history, and would NOT support the action of the small fringe of Kelly bullies and thought forum Police who intrude on every discussion about Ned Kelly with the intent of shutting it down censoring it and stifling debate.Not one lawyer in defence of Ned realised this, and could have declared Edward Kelly a free man.source, Alex C Castles new book Ned Kelly's last days.

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